Matchmaking Services for Men.

April Beyer’s unique and personalized approach is an effective, and a truly extraordinary experience that will have a direct impact on the success and outcome of all of your future relationships. We encourage you to apply by clicking here.

A Message from April

You and I both know relationships are tricky. They’re elusive, mysterious, complicated. Those beginning weeks set the tone for the entire relationship. I won’t simply introduce you to incredible women. I’ll Listen. Advise. Support you. I’ll nurture and foster your relationship, representing your interests in a way other matchmakers cannot.

A man of your character and caliber doesn’t have trouble meeting women. My purpose, as a professional matchmaker, is to introduce you to the right woman. And then to take care of the complexities of a new and blooming relationship. I focus on the alchemy of a couple, ensuring a relationship will be founded on chemistry, attraction, trust, and mutual adoration.

From the moment you first sit down with me, your life will instantly begin to change for the better. Even if you don’t completely understand all the qualities you need in a woman, I’ll be able to see it for you. I’ll have a deep understanding of  your wants, needs, values and even your blind spots so I can help you avoid them. In our professional and supportive environment, you’ll find I’m as invested in your falling in love as you are. Marriage is not a destination but rather a journey. I’d love to be part of yours.

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Uniquely Personal Luxury Matchmaking for Men

“Love is local. It's in your back yard. Not across the sea. We focus on introductions in Southern & Northern California. Chances are, we already know the woman who is perfect for you.” – April Beyer

Private, Fully-Vetted Introductions

Our search for this very special woman begins the day we meet.  When you’re ready, I’ll sit down with you to learn about your life, wants and needs. This creates an easy and enjoyable foundation for our work together. After thorough research and careful screening, I personally vet and meet the most qualified women for you. If I think you’d love to get to know her, I’ll get in touch right away to discuss her with you.

The Power of Suggestion

Women are more likely to want to meet you when they know you’re one of my special VIP clients. They feel comfortable in the fact that I know and like you on a personal level. I’ve spent twenty years creating a trust and bond with the women in my community. When I suggest a date, I typically get a resounding “yes.” It’s like having a trusted best friend (with a great deal of insight and knowledge) introducing you to a mutual friend.

History of Proven Success

You’re in good hands. Clients who have come before you have experienced the next “level” up in dating with my 20 years of experience and an 89% success rate helping some of the most eligible bachelors find love.

No Blind Dates

You’ll always receive a full profile, verified photos and my “take” on every woman I introduce to you. I ask the difficult and personal questions that lead me to understanding her character, emotional readiness and so much more.

Advice & Support

I’m more than just your Matchmaker. I’m also a leading dating expert & relationship coach. My advice and counsel may be the most valuable part of our process together. You’ll greatly benefit from the honest feedback, as well as the guidance given about each woman you’ll be meeting.

The Type of Women You Will Meet.

I’m every bit as selective as you are. We receive hundreds of profiles and inquiries from women but only take personal interviews with women I believe are exceptional and great matches for my current clients. The type of women I seek out are genuinely beautiful, soft, classy, intelligent, professional, passionate about life, fit, feminine, and ready to fall in love. Women are invited to join my network at no charge, opening doors to some of the most incredible women in the country, including those who avoid all online and dating apps. Once I send an introduction to discuss with you, I’ve already confirmed that she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Think of me as the gate keeper to your love life.

  • “I cannot tell you how grateful I am for everything that you’ve done for me. I would say thank you again, but that isn’t close to enough. You were awesome, lovely, and charming. Thank you.”

    – Craig, Napa, CA – Age 49

  • “April introduced me to the woman of my dreams in every way, shape, and form. We instantly hit it off on so many levels. I am not joking when I say I’m now enjoying the best time of my life. I owe it all to April Beyer.”

    – Grant, Silicon Valley, CA - Age 50

  • “It was a privilege to sit down with you in San Francisco. Your personal approach is one of the reasons your matchmaking is so successful. As our interview progressed, I felt so comfortable revealing my authentic self. Thank you!”

    – Katie, San Francisco, CA - Age 29

  • “From what I know about the other agencies, no one spends the amount of time and energy that April does. She gets it. She asks the questions that matter. She is the absolute best at what she does.”

    – Tom, Newport Beach, CA - Age 62

  • “April has a genuine warmth and deep perception into emotions of both men and women. April seems to objectively define our differences and understands how to approach those innate characteristics successfully.”

    – Sarah, Santa Monica, CA - Age 34

  • “April, greetings from Rome! Kristin and I got engaged last night. I cannot overstate how grateful I am to you for introducing us. She is perfect on all levels. Thank you!”

    – Brad, Los Angeles, CA - Age 45

  • “We are really happy! Our relationship is growing on all levels. Our connection and chemistry are just such a great balance in so many meaningful ways.”

    – Michelle, Los Angeles, CA - Age 30

  • “After a lifetime spent debating major decisions with virtually every person I know, choosing Justine required no such analysis. In the five months since April set up our first date, I’ve learned and grown so much from her and am incredibly excited for that to continue for the rest of our lives.”

    – Darren, San Francisco, CA – Age 41