Matchmaking Services for Women


I’ve spent more than 17 years as an Elite Matchmaker and Relationship Consultant and changed the industry forever by creating the first successful and free dating agency approach for women. My personal approach to matters of the heart has earned me the reputation as the leading Elite Personal Matchmaker to consult when men are ready to meet the woman of their dreams. These discerning men know that their special someone isn’t online or in a bar.

My client list is an intimate group of highly successful, educated, attractive and relationship-ready men that have trusted me with this very important and valuable part of their lives. Your profile submission is secure and complimentary so I may have access to the most incredible women for my commitment-minded clientele. So, if you’re currently single and ready to meet an incredible man to share your life with, I encourage you to complete a confidential profile.

How My Free Dating Network Works
There’s NO COST to join my exclusive network!
Your profile is private & confidential.
There are no contracts to sign or random dates sent to you.
My team and I personally review all profiles submitted. We respect your privacy, time and preferences and will only contact you once we’ve hand picked a client who meets your personal criteria.
Once I receive your information and feel you’re an appropriate match for one of my clients you’ll receive a call from me to get to know you better and meet you in person.
Our meeting may be immediately, or I’ve been known to call a year or two later. There are no guarantees, but again you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
If you’re introduced to one of my clients, I ask that you provide me feedback from the date. This feedback is a rare opportunity for me to provide you with valuable insight that may help you now or in the future to be more successful on your dates!
The Kind of Woman I’m Looking For
Women of all ages are encouraged to complete a profile.
I want to meet you if you are healthy mind, body and spirit and ready for a committed long-term relationship.
You’re a woman of considerable substance and style looking to meet someone special and don’t want to compromise.
We welcome profiles from all over the country as we never know where our search will lead us. My clients live all over the country and travel frequently.
You’re ready to meet an exceptional partner. An highly eligible, quality man who brings just as much to the relationship as you do.
Let’s Get Started

Thank you for your interest in April Beyer and Beyer & Company, the leading and most trusted Upscale Personal Matchmaker. Please take a moment to submit your dating profile and give me as much information as you can so we can best determine if you are an appropriate match for one of my highly eligible clients. Keep in mind that all of your information is private and for our eyes only. Again, it’s free to join, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Complete Your Personal Dating Profile

Once you submit your name and primary email, you’ll immediately be directed to complete your FREE PRIVATE APPLICATION and attach two photos. If after reviewing your application we feel you’re an appropriate match for one of our clients, we’ll contact you for a complimentary in person meeting. We look forward to learning more about you. You’ll never know what incredible client we have in mind for you, unless you tell us about yourself!